The Film

The Story

On July 2nd, 2011, Travis Favaron, Wyatt Smith, Jason Rafal, Rob Durkee, Michael Long, Ty Leparmentier, Rob Stover, Jack Teets, Cooper Ruff, Jacob McLaughlin and Hamzah Barlas embarked on an ambitious video shoot of Austin, Texas.

The plan was to capture the uniqueness, the weirdness, and the oddness of Austin. We are all college students coming from as far as Montana to work together on the one epic project.

Some may ask why we did this. For the money? no. For the fame? no. For the experience? Yes. This project involved getting up way earlier than any self-respecting college student would during the summer, but we were willing to power through because this was a project we were all excited about.

Our goal was simple, to create a beautiful product and to have fun doing it. All with limited equipment and time in the city that we all know and love!